5+ Rules to Make a Room Looks Nicer with Minimalist Mirror

One of many incredible decorative things for home is minimalist mirror.

It can be the focal point for the room, accentuate interior light, and it is functional.

The function of mirror you place in your room depends on its position in the room.

There are rules you better follow if you want to make your interior looks much better with mirror.

Below are some of those rules.

Rules to Make a Room Looks Nicer with Minimalist Mirror

1. Larger mirror for smaller room

minimalist mirror light

Your mirror is going to add depth into the room.

If you have small living room, it is important to hang huge mirror on your wall so that it will reflect the lighting.

The wall mirror is going to make your lighting fixture looks charming.

Besides, the mirror will give illusion that makes everyone believes your room is larger.

Pick huge wall mirror in subtle colored frames.

2. Be careful in placing

couture road sign minimalist mirror art

Some people think filling empty wall space with mirror is great idea.

But it is not.

Remember that mirror will reflect anything across it.

You don’t want to place your mirror in a position that reflects something looks clutter like coat rack.

Try to find a position for your mirror where the mirror will make impact, create diversion, add function or dimension.

3. Use your minimalist mirror as the focal point of the room

the minimalist mirror

If the mirror you want to use as focal point has minimalist design, you need to be more creative in decorating the room.

Pick a wall and place your mirror in the center of wall.

Then hang some other minimalist wall decorations around it. Or you can place your mirror near meja.

It can be great for entrance hallway and as vanity mirror.

4. Try to place mirrors instead of hanging them

minimalist bedroom mirror

Most mirrors are designed for your wall but it doesn’t mean you must hang the entire mirrors you have.

Try placing tall mirror on the floor.

But be careful in placing the tall mirror.

Make sure the mirror doesn’t bother your guest when they’re sitting on the sofa.

This may be a dangerous idea if you have pets and kids.

Wall mirror is better if you live with them.

5. Use less mirror in bedroom and kitchen

minimalist bathroom mirror cabinet

Be extremely careful when placing mirror in your kitchen.

Water splashes are going to stain your mirror and make you busy clearing those water marks.

About mirror in the bedroom, the best place is above your headboards, not opposite to the bed.

Mirror opposite to the bed will reflect the messy and untidy bed.

Pick rectangular mirror instead of round for bedroom.

Another perfect place for your mirror is in narrow staircases and hallways.

One mirror or some mirrors will make diversion to eye.

Then the narrow place will look larger. Narrow staircase will be great home for long narrow mirror.

Need some other inspirations in placing your mirror?

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