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.NET User Group by janko

On Wednesday, April 23th at 18:30 I'll be doing a technical speech on " Populating entity objects using Reflection " at .NET User Group meeting in Belgrade. We'll talk about reflection and how you can use it to make your code "sing"...
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Janko At Warp Speed - a new blog started! by janko

I finally manage to start another blog - Janko At Warp Speed . It will help yo build functional and good looking web applications. That means the focus will be on users and user experience. I'll cover web user interface design and development using...
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Trouble with opening another blog by janko

I am in the process of opening one more blog, but I am experiencing a lot of problems with my hosting provider. The blog is ready, but I have to solve hosting issues. The guys just don't want do do what their job is - a technical support. Worst case...
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Microsoft Expression Community by janko

Just a short one in addition to my previous post about new features in Expression Web 2 Beta . Microsoft has a community related to Expression products - Expression Community . It is full of different content - you can read the latest news or blogs ,...
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