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LINQ Samples on MSDN by janko

There is a great collection of 101 LINQ samples under C# development center on MSDN. Samples are grouped into restriction, grouping, aggregate, projection, set conversion, partitioning, element, ordering, generation, custom sequence and other operators...
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ASP.NET ListView control and LinqDataSource - Display data without a line of code by janko

The new ASP.NET ListView control is a powerfull control that encapsulates the best features from ASP.NET 2.0 data controls. It has flexibility of Repeater, easy binding like GridView, improved rendering capability and much more. When used with LinqDataSource...
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Importing/exporting XML data using LINQ by janko

In my previous post , you saw how to use LINQ to SQL. We'll move on with LINQ and create a small import/export application using LINQ to XML. LINQ to XML enables you to query from and write to an XML structure. It is much more efficient than XmlReader...
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LINQ to SQL Overview by janko

In this article I'll cover the basics of LINQ. You'll see how to query the database, insert, update and delete records using LINQ to SQL implementation. People often equate LINQ with its LINQ to SQL implementation, but it is just one of several implementations. In my next articles, I'll go deeply into LINQ and see how you can use it with XML, Datasets and other objects....
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